Below is a selection of sermons taken from the regular ministry of our church.

(the preacher is Steve Ridgeway unless stated otherwise)  

Steve Ridgeway

  Joshua 7  The trouble with sin

  Matthew 1:18-25  Bad news, good news 

  Matthew 9:9-13  Are you bad enough for God?

  Matthew 19:16-26  The missing piece

  Matthew 19:23-30  The reward of sacrifice

  Matthew 25:14-30  Don't waste your talents

  Matthew 28:16-20  Church with a mission

  Luke 1:26-38  The disruptive blessing of Christmas

  Luke 12:13-21  Where to find true wealth

  Luke 15:11-32  A lost son

  Luke 19:1-10  Are you converted?

  John 1:1-5  Jesus from the beginning

  John 3:16  The amazing love of God

  John 20:19-23  Easter Hope

  John 20:24-31  Can you believe it?

  Romans 15:1-13  Working for unity

  Ephesians 1:15-23  What to pray for"

  Philippians 3:12-16  Pressing on

  1 Timothy 4:1-11  Biblical spirituality

  2 Timothy 2:8-13  Gospel Motivation

 Brian Edwards

  1 Timothy 6:3-21  Instructions for the man of God

Ashley Jones

   Luke 5:1-11  The calling of Peter

   Romans 8:-27  Under new management

Juge Ram

   2 Corinthians 4:7-18  Do not lose heart

   Luke 18:1-8  Do not lose heart in prayer

Peter Dunn

  Philemon "Put that to my account" 

Winston Saunders

  Hebrews 2:3  A great salvation

  Revelation 3:7-13  The church at Philadelphia (He holds the key)

  Luke 15:1-24  The lost son

  Mark 4:35-41  Jesus calms the storm

  2 Timothy 1:10

  Galatians 2:20                

  2 Samuel 7:18  David sitting before the Lord

  Genesis 39:2  And the Lord was with Joseph

John Baker

  Psalm 16:8  Set the Lord before me

Neale Brinkley

  Luke 9:18-36  Parallel Worlds

Rob Pickering

  Matthew 23:1-24:1   and   Philippians 4:4-9

Paul Chandler

  1 Peter 1:10-12  The privilege of the gospel

  Ephesians 4:17-32  Living lives we ought to live

John Roberts

  Genesis 28 Jacob's dream

  John 1:29-51 Looking with spiritual eyes

   Revelation 1  John's vision

   Revelation 21 Heaven - our future destiny 

Stan Adams

  Jonah 1-2

Bill James

  Ecclesiastes 1   and   John 14:1-3

Jacques Donwa

  2 Timothy 1:1-7  True faith glories in Jesus and endures trials

  Matthew 28:16-20  True Discipleship

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